In 1819, Abner Holt and his family headed from Virginia to settle in Callaway County, Missouri.  Abner and his wife Elizabeth had a son named James who obtained an education that made him an expert businessman.  He had a son named Timothy who in 1870 plotted Holts Summit around the General Store owned by his father James, and a cousin.  They named the area "Holts Summit", because it is the highest point between here and the Missouri River.

A train depot called "Hibernia Station" was located across from North School on Summit Drive.  Hibernia was actually located on the North side of the Missouri River across from Jefferson City.  The Hibernia citizens got on the train on the East side of the tracks and the Holts Summit citizens got on the train on the West side of the tracks.  One sign hung from the train depot to let the citizens know which side to board on.  The tickets said "Hibernia" but referred to the Holts Summit depot.  The depot and the tracks were torn down in 1934. 

Holts Summit finally incorporated in 1973.  The first Mayor was Stuart M. Hunter and the first aldermen were Harry B. Rich, David K. Hunter, Gary R. Cowherd and Jack Ridenhour.  The City has progressed since that time from dusty gravel roads to paved streets, city streetlights, and a growing municipal sewer system.  The Police Department has grown from a part-time police force to a Chief of Police, a clerk, a Lieutenant, two sergeants, and six full-time officers.

 Many new businesses have moved to the area since the incorporation of the city.  Although badly needed, the City does not charge a property tax.  We operate solely on a three cent sales tax and franchise fees.  Some of the sales tax dollars are dedicated for special uses.  One cent goes into the general fund to pay for the administration, police department and parks to name a few.  One half cent goes to the sewer fund for operations, one cent to the gas tax fund for the repair and maintenance of the City streets, one quarter of one cent is dedicated for animal control and one quarter of one cent is dedicated for emergency operations.  The revenue collected for the emergency fund is being used to pay for the emergency warning sirens placed throughout Holts Summit.  

The City has just recently completed the development of the first City Park, which we named Hibernia Station Park.  The park has a lot of playground equipment and a pavilion with public restrooms.  There is a walking trail about three quarters of a mile long that winds around and through the park.  There are BBQ pits, picnic tables, benches, a full size basketball court and a four-square.  The City recently purchased an additional fifty-five acres from the Holts Summit Civic Association.  The property has two ball fields, a pavilion, a civic building, volley ball courts, and a fishing pond.  We plan to upgrade the park this spring and hopefully have a ball program starting in 2007.

The City hosts an annual Easter Egg Hunt, a Fireworks Festival, a Christmas parade and The Mayor's Golf Tournament.  We are working on various other community projects that we hope will be a great success as well.  If you are a current resident, we hope you are as proud of your community's progress as we are.  All residents are encouraged to participate in the City's future.  If you have questions, please feel free to call City Hall.  If you are new in the City...........WELCOME!