Meet your Board of Alderman


Alderman Ward I - Mike Harvey (573) 659-0969

Mike and his wife Linda moved to Holts Summit a little over two years ago. After sixteen years of community service in a different city,  Mike felt that he still had more to give. Holts Summit is a young community with plenty of room to go and he is eager to assist in that process. 

Alderwoman Ward I - Sharon Schlueter (573) 291-4795
Alderwoman Schlueter has lived in Holts Summit since 1998. She finds the position to be very interesting and is very impressed by the hard work that the Holts Summit City employees perform to gather and provide the information to help the Board members make informed decisions. Alderwoman Schlueter has seen the city go through much growth and many changes. She looks forward to seeing more services, businesses and neighborhoods being added over the coming years.

Alderwoman Ward II -Susan Sundermeyer (573) 680-9483

--BIO coming soon ---

Chris Redel
Alderman Ward II - Chris Redel  (573)  694-9097

Chris and his family have enjoyed living in Holts Summit for seven years. Chris has lived in Mid-Missouri all his life. When  Mr. Chamberlin stepped down and their was a vacancy, Chris knew the City needed someone to fill the role. After some consideration, Chris and his family decided he should use his skills to help his community. Chris thinks our Board and the Administration work very well together, and he would like to see that continue. He would also like to see us continue agreements with our neighboring towns to ease the burden on taxpayers.  Finally, he wants to be as encouraging as possible to local business opportunities for the community.