Storm Shelter Rules

  1. All users of the facility must sign in at the front desk and abide by all shelter rules
  2. No Smoking
  3. No Alcohol
  4. No Pets
  5. No Profanity
  6. No Weapons
  7. No Illicit Drugs
  8. Children must be kept under control by parents
  9. Each person will be responsible for keeping shelter clean
  10. Noise should be kept to a minimum
  11. Once inside shelter you must remain there until shelter manager says it’s safe to return home.  Entering and exiting the shelter will not be allowed.
  12. Only one small bag will be allowed by each occupant
  13. Each person in shelter is expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere, or cause problems, for the other occupants.
  14. Any problems inside the shelter should be reported to the shelter manager immediately.
  15. Any special needs should be pre-arranged, and can be done by contacting City Hall at 573 896 5600.
  16. All occupants will obey shelter manager’s instructions while inside shelter. Anyone not complying with orders may be expelled or arrested.