Vicious Animals

Any person or entity owning, controlling, keeping, harboring, or maintaining a dog or other animal known to said person or entity to have previously displayed vicious propensities, shall, at all times, keep said dog or other animal from leaving the property owned, leased, or controlled by said person or entity and from going onto the property of others or upon the streets and highways of the City of Holts Summit.

A Vicious Animal is defined as: Any animal which;

1. Has caused death or serious injury to a person engaged in a lawful activity;

2. Any animal with a known propensity, tendency or disposition to attack

unprovoked, to cause injury to, or otherwise threaten the safety of human beings or domestic animals; r

3. Any animal which, without provocation, attacks or bites, or has attacked

or bitten, a human being or domestic animal; or

4. Has been trained for fighting or is owned or kept for the purpose of fighting; or

5. Causes any person to have a reasonable fear of immediate serious physical injury.

No dog may be deemed a vicious animal under this ordinance if a threat, injury or damage was sustained by a person who, at the time, was committing a willful trespass, or other tort upon the premises occupied by the owner or keeper of the dog, or if a person at the time of such threat, injury or damage was teasing, tormenting, abusing or assaulting the dog, or was threatening or committing an assault or other bodily harm to the owner, the owner's or keeper's immediate family or their invitees; furthermore, dogs used by commissioned officers for law enforcement shall not be deemed vicious animals for purposes of this ordinance.