City Parks

There are a few beautiful parks in the city of Holts Summit. They each have their own unique feel

about them. Below you will read the history and/or creation of each park. There is also information for renting a pavilion. Check out the parks and make it a family outing, whether it be a game, picnic or a stroll.

Hibernia Station Park
The City rented a building on Chet-Jac Drive for the City Hall and Police Department. From 1993 to 1995, the City purchased three pieces of property on S. Summit Drive. Former mayor R.C. Miller planned to use part of the property for the construction of a new City Hall, and the remaining properties for a City Park. In 1996, the Board donated two of the properties to be used as the first City Park and authorized the construction of a new City Hall.

On March 10, 1997, the Board appointed the first members to the Park Commission. Mary Ann

Durham, Glenn Kliethermes, Mildred Robinson, Jim

McMichael and Paul Walz. On December 8, 1997, the Board of Aldermen approved the park plans submitted by the Commission. On February 9, 1998, the Board approved the name of Hibernia Station Park. Many years ago, a railroad station was located across the street from North School in a town they called Holts Summit. There was another town located south of Holts Summit, down by the Missouri River named Hibernia. The citizens of Hibernia boarded the train at the Holts Summit station on the East side of the tracks. The Holts Summit citizens boarded the train on the west side of the tracks. The tickets said Hibernia, but the station was actually located in Holts Summit. Hence the name "Hibernia Station Park".

Many people and various organizations donated to the development of the park. The first piece of playground equipment was a train to climb on with a steering wheel and slides. The City received a grant from DNR (Landmark Local Park Program) that helped pay for half of the train. DNR also purchased the first shredded tire material. The Department of Conservation and the AmerenUE Greenleaf program planted may of the trees in the park and around City Hall. Many of the trees were donated by private citizens, some in the memory of a lost loved one.

The City started building the pavilion in 2000. It took us four years to save the funds to build the walking trail which we did in 2004. The City continues to add additional playground equipment. We now have a slide, swings, merry-go-round, 2 climbing structures, baby swings, 2 balance beams, a see-saw, 3 bounce animals, a four square and a basket ball court. A lot of the picnic tables and benches were donated by area businesses, clubs and private individuals. We just finished an additional ADA accessible restroom on the backside of the pavilion.

The City Park took over ten years to build. It would have taken a lot longer if it had not been for the interest and donations of the businesses, citizens, clubs, and State departments. The City Park is supported by the businesses of Holts Summit through donations and the sales tax. The park is a benefit of shopping in Holts Summit.

Walking Trail - The concrete walking trail that winds through Hibernia Station Park is approximately 3/4 of a mile long.

The City will return the deposit to the person who paid the deposit after the City has determined that the facility rented is clean and in the same condition as before it was rented. Should a determination be made that the facility is not so cleaned or should damage to the facility have occurred during the rental permit, the deposit may be seized by the City and forfeited by the renter to compensate the City for the cost of cleaning the facility and/or repairing any damage. Should the deposit not be sufficient to cover the cost of cleaning or repairs, the renter shall be liable to the City for the additional amount needed to so clean or repair the facility.

Greenway Park
The City of Holts Summit purchased Greenway Park on October 17, 2005. Greenway Park is a fifty-five acre park that has been existence for many years. The park currently has two ball fields, a civic center, a volleyball court, fishing pond, and concession stands. The Parks & Recreation Commission is in the process of developing the remaining acres as funds allow.