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 The City of Holts Summit has generated the most frequently asked questions and posted them on this page in the hopes to answer your question(s). If you have a question that is not posted here, please feel free to Contact Us.

What is considered junk?

Junk is defined as any old iron, steel, brass, copper, tin, lead, or other base metals; old cordage, ropes, rags, fibers, or fabrics; old rubber; old bottles or other glass, bones; wastepaper and other waste or discarded material which might be prepared to be used again in some form; and any or all of the foregoing; and motor vehicles, no longer used as such, to be used for scrap metal or stripping of parts; interior home furnishings, dilapidated or broken lawn furniture or fixtures, cut or fallen trees or shrubs, but “junk” shall not include materials or objects accumulated by a person as by-products, waste, or scraps from the operation of his own business, or materials or objects held and used by a manufacturer as an integral part of his own manufacturing processes. 
  Will I be summonsed if I have junk on my property?

Whenever the Code Enforcement Officer or his duly authorized representative determines that any junk is a nuisance as defined in the City Code, he shall cause one written notice to be served upon the owner of the vehicle or junk if he can be located, or the person in custody of such vehicle or junk, stating that the nuisance shall be abated within ten (10) days from receipt of such notice or an extension of time permitted at the discretion of the Code Enforcement Officer or his duly authorized representative.  A reoccurrence of the nuisance within a twelve month period shall be deemed as a continuing offense and an immediate summons to court shall be issued for the second and each such violation thereafter within the twelve month period.  The notice shall be deemed sufficient proof that the same was deposited in the United States Mail first class postage prepaid.  If the junk is not cleaned up within the ten (10) day period, a summons to court will be issued.
Where do I vote?

Residents living inside the City limits of Holts Summit vote at the Lions Club on Hillcrest.   People living in the County vote as follows:  If your last name starts with an A through K you vote at Cedar Grove Baptist Church on Karen Drive.  If your last name starts with an L through Z you vote at the Shiloh Methodist Church located on Platinum Road. 
  Can I put an automobile on my property with a for sale sign?

The automobile has to be operable.  Un-operable and unlicensed vehicles are not allowed on a property unless they are in the rear yard and covered with a tarp. 

♦ - No more than two vehicles offered for sale by a private owner shall be allowed to remain on any property for longer than fifteen (15) days within a six (6) month period in any zone, unless said person holds the proper licenses to operate a dealership located in the proper zone.  
How tall can I let my grass get before receiving a summons to court?

12 inches.
  Where can I get a City map?

We have maps at City Hall at no charge