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The Stormwater Division's purpose is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Holts Summit by managing the quantity and quality of water that is the result of precipitation. The Stormwater Division is under the Maintenance Department for the city.

Stormwater Division:
                                      213 S. Summit Dr.
                                        Holts Summit, MO. 65043
                                        Phone: (573) 896-5600
                                        Fax: (573) 896-4115
                                        Email the Stormwater Division


The Maintenance Department is responsible for the day to day operation and maintenance of the City's stormwater collection system. They address clogged inlets & pipes, make minor repairs and clean concrete lined ditches.

 Contact Information:

Director of Streets & Parking - Mark Tate

                                        (573) 896-5600
                                        After Hours: Police Department
ment - (573) 896-4911

Capital Improvements

                                     * Storm ditch at Northrup Ave. - 2010

                                     * Storm ditch at Greenway Park - 2010
                                     * Culvert pipe off Harwood - 2010

Plan Review

The Maintenance Department is responsible for review of all new development in Holts Summit. Our staff ensures that all new infrastructures such as streets, storm sewers and sanitary sewers meet City designed standards. They also verify that necessary easements are in place for future maintenance of those assets. Additionally, commercial site plans are reviewed to verify compliance with various codes.

                                           * Chapter 45 - Stormwater Regulations
                                           * Chapter 47.1400 - Stormwater / Floodplain Management, City Code.
                                           * APWA Section 5100 - Erosion & Sediment Control
                                           * Amendments to Section 5100 - Additions / Deletions
                                           * APWA Section 5600 - Storm Drainage Systems & Facilities
                                           * Amendments to Section 5600 - Additions / Exceptions


Inspection & Enforcement

The Maintenance Department is responsible for the inspection of the installation of all public infrastructure, including stormwater improvements such as pipes, inlets and improved channels. These inspectors ensure that all public infrastructure is constructed to City Standards. The Building Regulations Division of Code Enforcement Services also provides some inspection services as it relates to the development of individual lots.

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